Love and Relationships

Love People

Love them Now!


👉🏼 In life we can only choose how much to love but we can’t choose how much to be loved.🔄 – Moffat Machingura


⭐We can only choose who we love 💋, but we can’t choose who loves us. – Moffat Machingura


😱 Many give all that they have, 💰and some even give babies… 👶🏼Only to find love isn’t something money or gifts can buy.


⭐Get this:

👉🏼 To Love is a gift from the heart, but to be loved that’s a gift from heaven. – Moffat Machingura


If you got someone who calls you special, 😍 someone who misses you when you out of sight, 🤒 or texts to say Hie, 😄or who still remembers your birthday when you know you always forget theirs 🎁 …


Then care ❤for those people that care about you – because they are the people money can’t buy!  🌺


👉🏼 People that care for you are more precious 💎 than the people that you care for. Those that love you are more precious than those that you love. 💎  – Moffat Machingura


Love those rare people, don’t judge them. (😍 )

👉🏼 If you spend time judging them you won’t find time to love them.


So if you have got a Mum or Dad alive

Or anyone special in your life (and anyone who calls you so)


I say Love them Now!!


*Give them roses now 🌺when they can still smell them.


Tell them they are special, don’t lay those words aside for tomorrow. Because tomorrow does not always come, and they cannot read their tombstones when they are dead! 😀