You Have to Find Your Place

God made heaven and earth before Adam and Eve. That means God made places before he made people 😊. Where you are is just as important as what you do.


⭐ You are a product born to solve a problem, not to everyone, but to someone somewhere in this world.


👉🏼 To the whole world you might be no-one but to that specific someone – you are their whole world! 🌍


In this world you will be remembered and rewarded for the problems you solve. 🏆 But firstly you are responsible for finding the people whose problems you were born to solve.


⭐ You are a product and every product needs a place. A product out of place is a misplaced product. No-one finds a misplaced product no matter how useful it is. 😂😂😂


⭐ You are not useless, you are just misplaced. 😂😂😂


👉🏼 At a wrong place your gift makes you a misfit, at the right place it makes you useful. 🛠


Rise up, 🏃🏽 start looking for your place in this world. 🌍


You don’t belong where you are born at, you belong where you are born for. 😊


Love and Share this to encourage all the people you carefor… i just did 🙂